My Story

Breaking into the Food Industry with A Lot of Flavor

Nutsaboucha started when a decades-long passion for doing barbeque (and desire to open a restaurant) finally overcame the well-meaning advice of a Certified Public Accountant, who offered numerous stories of clients who regret taking a leap of faith into the food industry. Despite the horror stories of clients who faced a constant lack of help, 80+ hour work weeks that left no time for family or friends, and wishes to jump ship and call it quits, the passion and desire to give something back to the world with the talent for barbecuing lingered.

The CPA wisely advised selling the smoked almonds that resulted from free-time experimenting. After testing them to a wide range of customers at a big box store, it became clear that these smoked almonds deserved a company of their own when the majority of customers declared that they were the best they had ever tasted. In a number of years a winning recipe was developed, along with a packaging design, and a commercial kitchen was found that would accommodate a smoker. Soon enough, a batch of Nutsaboucha almonds were ready to hit the market. 

The real difference maker for Nutsaboucha’s smoked almonds was that they were smoked “the old-fashioned way” rather than simply flavored with liquid smoke. For many customers, our almonds are the first they’ve tasted that haven’t been given the liquid smoke treatment, which is why they recognize the huge gap in quality between our tasty almonds, which have been smoked over smoldering hickory, and the artificially-flavored ones that line the shelves of too many grocery stores. 

We like to think of smoking almonds like roasting coffee beans. When you roast them for too long they get too bitter, and when you roast them for too short a time they are hard to chew. At Nutsaboucha, it’s all about finding that perfect medium that lends our smoked almonds the flavor that has made them the preferred choice of great food stores like Frank’s Deli and Rainbow Blossom. 

Our almonds are the perfect choice for healthy eaters that are also picky eaters. They’re gluten free and have no preservatives, and are so smoky that they require an extra-heavy foil bag just to retain the smoke! Taste the difference for yourself, and you’ll see what Nutsaboucha is all about.